In the summer of 2012, I shot my final series in the book of beauty, with the help of outstanding team of creative artists that has stood by me since the first day of my journey into photography.  I stepped out of photography to purse a new challenge and shifted career in the medical field, as first responder.  Presently, in the summer of 2014 after a long hiatus, I have found my way back into photography.

Music speaks volumes, I hear my soul weep thru the keys and notations. Radiant melodies fill my eyes and I am lost in Paradise. Music is my window to seeing the colors that I wish, I could see. Through the years, I have been using music to create, what you are now seeing in my portfolio. Art is not defined by completion of the product, but the process that intertwines that flows into the very act of creating. I am an illusionist, a day dreamer, a storyteller, adding surrealism or cinematic feel to every muted story has been the pinnacle to my illustrations.

What is LAMParilya? I will let this poem resonate it's meaning, because each Artist dangles into so many different translations.

A beacon of light in darkness
Radiating its energy
Defining each object in its colors
Standing out from all others
Emitting rays of hope
Fails me not on stormy nights
Burning bright and glimmering
Through the sconce on the wall
The lamp, like a shining star
Brings warmth to my soul
I stalk it's pureness, I can create art
And tell a muted story
Under the flickering burning LAMP.