I saw Havana

A taste of Havana and my short period of time in Jamaica, Bronx and Brooklyn in NYC. Gathering information of grit of culture, as it outshined glamour and ethnic restaurants were filled with ethnic crowds, and I was in the middle of it all, listening to the busy sound of street life. On this particular shoot, I laced and tried to stitched those experiences together, and hopefully paint my mood and how it made me feel.

I cannot deny that I have fallen in love, with Latin music and one reasons that I love NYC.

Specially Latin music; I've always regarded Latin music as fiery, sultry, and very romantic. Those, who knows me, will tell you that I am not so good, with colors, but through music, I can have a sense of what colors maybe, through the pulse of melodic and harmonic sounds of the beats.

The theme that I had, with Nicole was to the point a series of photographs that foretells my experiences, and I wanted to recapture, and relive each of those series of adventures. To describe each of my adventures, within the borough, with one word, I would say that each experiences are "Intoxicating"

While shooting this look, lyrics from Maino keeps playing in the my head..

"Yeah, said I’m a gangsta, you already know it before
Said I’m a gangsta, now you don’t accept it no more
How can you help who you love? How do you know who you are?
How do you cope with your fears? How do you capture the stars?
How can you ask me to change? Planting my foot in the grave
Darkness invading my life, drugs only help with the pain
How can you stand there and judge me?
You know what it was when you met me
If you wasn’t ready then why would you trust me?
I knew that I was wrong by letting you love me
Staring at me, screaming I’m breaking your heart
Looking at my world, it’s falling apart
How do I handle my scars? How do I catch up to God?
Look at the hell that I’m in, all I could see is the pause
Staring at the bars with visions of you
Can’t sleep in the cell, I’m thinking of you"