What is Lamparilya? Lamparilya is a Visayan word meaning, lamp or lamparilla in Spanish. As we photographer, we are all light stalkers. Following into the night, the lamplight of yonder and yore. see in it hope of what will be, path illuminated.

I have been working on this website since August, and it was not a spare of the moment thing, because I needed a new site, but mainly, I was inspired by a song by Lenny Kravitz that happened to cycled in Pandora that sparked an interested, as well, as the drive to create something new.

Quickly, I communicated, with my model muse, and abstractly shared, with her of what I wanted to do, or maybe not, because I get confusing at times, but I did tell her that I wanted to shoot.

I was not expecting anything from this shoot, but rather something fun, and test new lighting styles. But there was something that I was not prepared for. As I was setting up the lights, I let our Hair and Make Artist, Brican take snap shots, and as I stood back and watch her shoot the model, Sarah. I envisioned a theme around a period of an "Americana" culture of the 50s and 70s.

Americana is a style that blends a '50s aesthetic with a Jazzy and Rock n' Roll culture of the 70s that's in fused currently in fashion of the time, which is to say that the Americana revival is reminiscent of mid-century fashion and it's a mix of ‘50s greaser and the Rolling Stones meets the Hamptons. Yet, the women of this time period, gaining their strength and voice. Thus the series that I have been shooting in this month of October celebrates the strength, beauty and voices in muted words of the American woman.