I was awaken by the music of Colbie Caillat entitled "Try" as it shuffled through the selections on my ipod. I have listened to this music numerous times, but this morning was different, carefully listening to the lyrics.

"You watch should you care what they think of you
When you’re all alone
By yourself, do you like you
Do you like you"

My fellow photographer and friend, Paul Ferradas has told my about his minimal workflow in retouching, it has resonated a sense of challenged to do more, yet less towards augmenting in preparation for my new style to improve the storytelling.


My recent series are inspirations from experiments that Anna and I shot in the past, along with two different MUAs. Tay Le, who has been generous in providing her services on separate occasions, and Kimberly Brown.

The series that I did, with Anna was more than just a typical shoot, we tailored each look differently and brainstorm on what works, while maintaining the cinematic effect of my workflow.

"Take your make up off
Let your hair down
Take a breath
Look into the mirror at yourself
Don’t you like you
Cause I like you"

I am drawn to the more artistic workflow, and lots of heavy dramatic retouching, but it doesn't hurt to create a new workflow, so I decided to take a new approach and relearned, whta I have learned and simplistically dropped down my workflow. This morning after being inspired and zoning to the music of Colbie Caillat "Try" an addition to my workflow is born.

Our previous work.