BINIBINI.  In Filipino, which means "Miss"

When, my co-worker at the hospital saw the photo below, she said that the model looks like "Pop Fernandez" who is a Philippine movie and singing icon. But, I don't know who, Pop Fernandez is, so I had to Google her and behold, they both have the same facial features.

Nicole captured the Filipiniana beauty, as well, as strength by going against the odds in modeling, specially in fashion. There are lots of models that comes and go, but she is determined. Nicole's photo gallery is very refreshing to see, as she's able to compiled works from different top wardrobe designers.

I am honored to have shot with this BINIBINI, along, with her awesome MUAH and close friend, Annie. For this presentation.

She has became one of San Francisco's runway darling for years, and she is now ready to embark in a journey that will lead her to the City of Angels in the next month, and I hope to follow thereafter for my own agent meeting, and also reunite, with other models that I've shot in the past.

As an Asian model, she is very particular about her book, and choosing fashion, rather than becoming your average Asian import model, modeling in front of cars is a feat for every Filipina model. Fashion modeling has a sense of socialistic, elite presence and a league of their own rights, from classy galas of socialites, fashion weeks, swarmed, with the industries best.

For this reason, why I really never became a Glamour photographer, because I am attracted to the rich culture of Fashion, and the roots of fashion photography, where the essence of the story depends on one's creative ideas, rather than a workflow that are constant, and looks that are typical.