So i travel
with packed traps and springing strides
and it better be where
i can spend the night,
it better be where
i can spend the night...

Sarah is not a model, she is a hairstylist, and not your average person.  When Sarah told me of her story and how she was on her own at a very young age, and how time has drifted her away from her family and how she had always been looking at the world in the rear mirror, she learned to travel light, learned to leave the past and how to quickly live life a new, as part of her survival.

I hear the wind drifting
through the woods,
its a secret, yea a secret
is what i overhear,
which i am sure,
the wind wanted the gentle
leaves alone to hear,
its going to get colder
said the wind
for the winter is
around the corner

I travel,
like the seasons
i travel,
winter or summer
i don't bother
but marvel,
summer its hot
so what i care not,
I am a Traveler
i fear not the cold,
i fear not the winter
for i have no place to go
the winter is around
the corner, though.

Yellow Token 309 is over looking the Oakland Tribune..

Little did Sarah knew that I spent a lonely night in this place, a place, where I was soul searching, a place, where I left my own demons behind. One of the places, where it helped me lift myself out of the darkness.