A New, yesterday was the most expensive trip to San Francisco! To summarize the trip. Golden Gate Bridge, camera, water, phone, and Alex got WIPED out by the cold, wave, while we set out on a rain and windy weather conditions to scout for locations. But the flip side, all things are replaceable, and we came up, with another workflow.

"Simplicity is a freedom from complexity, intricacy, or division into  parts. Painted only by a story captured frozen in time"

With this said, I don't know if, I can put my brush down and not create a story. Let me take you to a journey of colors and moods once again.

Alex reminded me of, why I do, what I do. She too is an artist, and a model that has shot, with the best. When we first met, back, when birds can talk to the moon. We did a session in my studio. A session that led to her managing of how, I retouch a photo that she liked from our set, to my surprise, she and I created a new look that I have been using in a lot of my dramatic studio work.

After that day, and a couple of shoots, with other photographers, she went AWOL, and was never seen again. Until one day, she resurfaced, and gave a like in one of her photo that I posted in Instagram. And I was glad that she did, because she again influenced the direction of my storyline. 

"This door, this plain white door. Nothing poetic, but I'm searching for more. It has no story to tell.
It stays within a frame, just a hollow shell, it hasn't even a name.

"Reflections, a curious thing. Imperfections control our silly breed. You can bat your lashes, and strive to have "the look", but I will change the masses by writing a single book"

"I grew up "poor"; single mom with multiple jobs. I learned the strength of a woman early on. Wouldn't have changed a thing" - Alex...

"I’m sorry, I did not mean to hurt my little girl
It's beyond me, I cannot carry the weight of the heavy world"