Early this summer, i had the pleasure to work with model Camay and her MUA friend Patty, before these two moved to L.A and started fresh with their individual careers. During the shoot the weather was blazing hot, as California stepped into its 3rd year of drought. 

While driving around trying to stay out of the burning sun, we spotted a corn field and drove to the side of the field where large Eucalyptus trees serves as a canopy that kept us cool during the shoot.

It took me a while to actually find a way to render the photos, since I have been doing a lot of retouching with glam fashion, but for the past weeks, I've taught about this project and looked back and how Camay, Patty and I, wished of how perfect it would be if it was raining and our model Camay would be all wet.. But, all of that was wishful thinking, although....... It would of been AWESOME!

Camay has features that I really like and a beautiful face that fashion fits her well. I had fun on this day, I guess we all did. This day has to go down in history as the "Hottest" shoot ever..