Photography and the art of self expression is never ending. A month ago, I was studying and try to create a look. I made lots of attempts, I made mistakes in color grading, skin toning and skin color matching. Each day after work, I would retouch for 2 hours, and record hours of footage and not one look grabbed my attention. I was almost frustrated, but I'm not about to give up, because I know, the answer will present itself.

I reached out to a fellow photographer for inspiration, and we've discussed lighting and retouching. When, we photographers/retouchers talk, we share abstract information, to shield our signature look, and I know, I was not about to get a straight answer, but he pointed a look that I've created years ago, when I first started in photography. A photograph of a friend of mine, whom I shot his first recording album photo. Breedsworld.

I searched in my cabinet of notes, until I found the particular workflow, and I could not stop laughing of what transpired me to create such photograph. It was good, but there are technicalities that was missing, but I guess we all have to start somewhere, and I am just glad that I was able to create a look then that is the main inspiration for my lifestyle workflow.

The model is also an artist in her own rights. Jenn is a visual poet and during our shoot, she had asked me if what I liked any of her youtube videos. I blandly replied that I liked one. But there was in particular that is one that is my favorite, and I challenge every word that she said in her video.

I challenge her words, because during the shoot, I asked her to describe her mood and emotions, when she is in her poetic state of mind.. And her answer was "PAIN" and when she said that.. I somehow pictured rays of light entering through kaleidoscope, but the light that I was "LOVELESS"

Who doesn't like details?  The theme of this shoot was Jenn herself, she inspired me to create, her words brought out the best of me. As, I painted each details and light back to create her words.

The model was trying to read me and anticipate my every move, and waited for directions. I hardly pose models, I've learned this ever since, I was shooting beauty, with my team of makeup artist, and I've also learned not to look through the viewfinder, and constantly look for details, expression, and simple emotions.  It takes skill and the motivation necessary to master those skills, photographers becomes stagnant if one does not evolve, and be creative.